Our Mission

Raising new generation of leaders is the mainstay of our conceptualization. Our passion is to connect the new generation with untainted A-list of achievers of the old generation. We are providing the youths and teens a platform to meet eminent and accomplished Nigerians (The A-List), and share their success stories especially the challenges they surmounted on their way to the top.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to the emergence of a Nigeria where positive core values reign supreme.

Youth Engage

Youth Engage! is a Television magazine programme concept, borne out of researching the minds of the various youths in our society to provide a platform for the transfer and inculcation of societal core values with a view to securing a better future for our society.

Our youths today are highly fascinated and driven by overt material advancements as symbols of success. They are so passionate about “Success-driven Recognition” that they do not care what it takes to get what. Showcasing of SUV cars, gadgets, furnished apartments and opulence of the likes has become so pervasive to the extent that such shortcuts as advance fee fraud, political jabbering, armed robbery, fraud, etc have become youth pre-occupation.

They obviously see accomplished citizens and want to bridge the gap overnight without knowing that the path to the top is strewn with thorns as necessary conditions and that paying the right dues make for enduring legacies.

Youth Engage! therefore seeks to get our youths and teens to meet our eminent and accomplished citizens to have them share their success stories, especially the challenges they surmounted to get to the top. The essence is to inspire our youths and teens to believe in their potentials, knowing that opportunities abound for everyone who wants to succeed doing the right things.

In the main, we have interviewed the following eminent Nigerians: Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Dr. Christopher Kolade, Sir Steve Omojafor, Mrs. Josephine Odedina, Prince Bola Ajibola, Professor Ekundayo Adeyinka Adeyemi, Professor Idowu Sobowale, Professor Pat Utomi, Dr. Felix Ohiwerei, Chief (Mrs.) Priscilla Kuye, Chief (Mrs) Ibidun Allison, Mrs. Francesca Emanuel, Mrs. Ololade oki, Mr. Ayo Aderinwale (MFR), Professor Akin Mabogunje, Professor Oladipo Akinkugbe, Mrs. Funke Osibodu, Oba Femi Ogunleye, Prince Tunde Ponle, Professor Bolanle Awe, Professor Bisi Showunmi, Dr. Tony Marinho, Dr. Ahmed Joda, Professor Adetowun Ogunseye, Mr. Kola Oyeyemi, Dr. Adegbola and others.

Youth Engage is a Teens Neighbourhood Project initiative of Abraham Oyedele productions limited (AOPL) incorporating other partners having Chief (Mrs.) Ibidun Allison as Chief coordinator.

The Fun & Excitment of being on Youth Engage Team

Getting involved with youth engage team leaves you with so much to desire. Apart from the bonding, we meet accomplished Nigerians, and relate with them like we were their own. Youth engage provides the platform to feel them and share their success stories, even to stories these achievers would not share with others. And of course, we travel far and wide to see places, monuments, establishment and landmarks as we seek to make contact with these selected icons.

We also embarks on excursions to different places of interest, to fun spots and tourist centers in the many states we ply; It's so much fun on set and the testimony is that we are all one family on "Youth engage programme".