Prince Michael Tunde Ponnle

Today presents the prince of Ada kingdom, in Osun state, southwest, Nigeria, Prince Michael Ayantunde Ponnle, whose wife, Mrs. Funke Ponle, unfortunately, passed on to glory a few years back. The Ponnles’ testimony of individual and collective achievements for nearly five decades of their partnering decision, is indeed a legacy worthy of emulation and will ever remain a source of inspiration to all couples (young and old), who wish to make it together into the future with their marriages intact, while running successful businesses with a rewarding social life.

Prince Michael Tunde ponnle, born on the 24th of December, 1939, into the family of Late Chief Job Ponnle, the Alawe of Ada kingdom and Madam Oyaweola Awele Ponnle from the same community. Pa Michael Tunde Ponnle lost his beloved mother at the age of nine (9), - which leaves one, with the probing question of how it was, for such a child without a silver spoon, to make it to the top.

Michael ponnle was a brilliant pupil and indeed, one of the best three in his class. After completing his Primary school education, in 1953, he wanted to further his education into the secondary school like other children, in the neighborhood, but his father could not afford the cost. Despite the fact that, he passed the common entrance examinations into several secondary schools, he had to stay behind in other to fashion out other means of resolving his academic dilemma. He reluctantly settled for the Teachers Training College (TTC).
In 1962 precisely, eighteen months after he completed his Teachers Grade 11 course, he was admitted into the Polytechnic, Ibadan to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He later transferred his studies from the Polytechnic to the Post and Telecom Training School at Oshodi, Lagos, where he eventually completed his program. He worked briefly with the P&T School before getting married to his heartthrob; Princess Comfort Olufunke Ponnle nee Fabunmi, on the 26th of April, 1966 in Ibadan.

Prince Tunde Ponnle together with his wife, Princess Olufunke Ponnle started their own company, MicCom Engineering Works Ltd which later became MicCom Cables and Wires Ltd, which stands as the first cable wires in Nigeria, after a brief stint, with one or two organizations to garner experience and management skills.
Years after the MicCom Cables and Wires Ltd, Prince Tunde Ponnle, and Princess Olufunke Ponnle, also established the MicCom Golf Hotels and Resort Ltd, with an 8 holes golf course attached to it, came on stream, which serves as a recreational and relaxation centres, for the Nigerian people and it's also well-known, all over the country and beyond.

Apart from MicCom Cables and MicCom Golf Hotels and Resort Ltd, the Ponnles have established other businesses, including Ladyet Ventures Ltd, Comic Holdings Ltd (a property management and development company) and Cash King, in Cardiff, Wales which has grown so fast, to become successful business enterprises of their own. Prince Tunde Ponnle served as the chairman of Askar Paints and also chairman of Africana Breweries, makers of Castel Beer, in 1983.

He also served as the chairman of West African Portlant Cement Plc (WAPCO). During his tenure as the chairman, he introduced the MicCom scholarship awards for the children of WAPCO staff to encourage and stimulate staff loyalty to the company. This scholarship still runs till date. He and his departed wife are blessed with four (4) children and many grandchildren.