ADE KOLAWOLE On PROF. LADIPO MABOGUNJE: The grandfather of Geography in Nigeria

Prof. Ladipo Mabogunje with the interviewer

Our Icon today is dubbed the “Grandfather of African Geography” and by all standard a man worthy of celebration due to his vision for Nigeria as a landscape of brightness and immense opportunities for all citizens. When we encountered him and his lovely wife, it was like we were their grandchildren as both dotted on us. Yes, we saw the grandfather status in the grand clock and when we toured the library, we saw that this widely read man takes so much delight in books. We saw many laurels, plagues awards and pictures of him with leaders both in Nigeria and the rest of the world. A God-fearing man who attributed all his achievements to measure of grace according to the book he autographed for our crew.

Prof. Ladipo Mabogunje with the youth engage program in a session

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