Akande Emmanuel on Prince Bola Ajibola – Former Chief justice of The Hague.

Prince Bola Ajibola with the interviewer

Engaging these great African is indeed an experience. Some have served well, retired well, and are basking in the reward of the decision to quit when the ovation was the loudest and probably permit the young ones…Yes we salute them… And in searching for the birth location of our guest who is not only an African, precisely from West Africa, a true Nigerian from the South West predominantly from the Yoruba tribe from this location {points} in the world map. His words of wisdom are purely regal and so is the beautiful bird we encounter in his compound which tells the time…Yes, the crown bird, probably saying time waits for no man…Let me not bore you with my young face cause it’s not about me but about them, the achievers who are not only pride of their tribes but of the country and Africa…Lets go back.

Prince Bola Ajibola with some members of youth engage programme in a session

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