Gift akanugo on Dr. christopher kolade

Dr. christopher kolade

The Icon we are engaged today is by far, one of the most respected A-list Nigerian. His cerebral nature is legendary and his versatility, second to none; so detrabilised in his general overview on how things should be ran in this country. Engaging this man was a milestone because, this happened to be the first episode of this programme to be recorded. He not only created the time for us in spite of his busy schedule at LBS where we sneaked in on him, he listened to us, and of course, in his natural self, took time to make corrections where necessary (Smiles) and even schooled little Tolu the best way to don a cap the Yoruba way.

Dr. christopher kolade with youth engagement

Yes, if truly he is fondly regarded as the master administrator, media guru and a Diplomat in one brand, I can boldly say, this great icon is worth much more because from our experience, he is one of the few who holds the unity and peace of this country close to his heart. Long may you live Sir, the many youth of this country celebrate you.

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