Mrs Funke Osibodu by Yinka

Mrs Funke Osibodu with another youth engage crews

WOW is describing the woman we are engaging today. Right from our trip to the point of our destination, there was this great expectation in all of us. Of course, this woman of substance and her family were not an ordinary family. Not only did they live well, they are kind hearted. The husband to her children, I must confess there is something electrifying; yes, they have synergy. We were treated like royalty and yes, the whole house was a gallery of paintings and collections. She took time to explain some of her paintings and of course and we bunch of ignorant connoisseurs marvelled at the largest of them all, the painting about rapture adorning the dining hall where we were feted. This great positive minded avowed feminist and achiever was a wonderful hostess no doubt, no wonder she excelled at home, work and in all assignments. Interestingly, at the end of our session took her turn to ask us questions to be sure we got something valuable, typical, you would say. Of course ,

Mrs Funke Osibodu made our day a memorable one.

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