Prince Tunde Ponle-MICCOM By Funmi Tobun

Prince Tunde Ponle is a session with youth engage

Yes part of what we enjoy as members of  ‘ Youth Engage’ is that we do travel to see new places and this is what the edition we had in this episode afforded us. Prince Tunde ponle’s session with our crew was awesome. We had to travel to Osun state to engage this loveable man whose love for his wife, his family and indeed humanity is unrivalled. Yes we had a thrilling time sightseeing and enjoying the serenity of closeness to nature as we took off from Omu-aran(LANDMARK UNIVERSITY) in Kwara state where we had bunked for the night to Ada country home of the Miccoms. On learning of pour prompt arrival, he had to do a quick cancellation of other engagements while he postponed his game of golf to attend to the youth. Yes, we later went to the famous Miccom golf resort where we watched him tee off with friends. We saw the Miccom cancer foundation office in the memory of his departed wife and so many collections from this kind hearted philantophist who was full of prayers for our generation……Yes, with Prince Tunde Ponle as host, our crew saw and conquered. God bless him.

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