Princess Josephine Odedina- Beckley

Princess Josephine Odedina in an interview session with the youth engage programme

I had to do this promptly and I was like, how do I go about it? God help me. The producer is my Daddy’s friend and we owe him big time to support this vision. When we got to Dolphin estate where we were to rehearse our questions, I met with other members of the crew including ladies from Holy Child college ikoyi. The whole experience was great fun because it not only afforded us (the young generation) to connect with the older ones and learn from them. It was indeed an honour to meet the first female bank manager in Nigeria and by extension, she and her siblings were following the trail of their legendary father. Of course, it was humbling as well as challenging to hear he speak about the discipline and the inculcations she had from the father and the step mother who took care of her and the father After the passing of her own mother. It was indeed so educative to learn how she stood out in a world where men ruled at the time, she achieved that feat. I believe the ‘Youth Engage programme’ is an eye opener to us all to strive and improve on the positive legacies of our parents. The amiable woman was a great hostess to us and indeed a proud mother to her five jewels as she fondly refers to her sons……Yes, we all enjoyed ourselves, it was indeed great engaging her………I am so looking forward to more involvement. God bless the insights of those who brew the programme……. God bless youth Engage.

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