Temitope Oyedele on Mrs Francesca Emanuel

Mrs Francesca Emanuel with youth engage programme

There are women and there are women, but our guest today ranks amongst the rarest breed of women achievers. A woman so lettered, so intelligent we simply can’t find the right word except of course she’s so indefatigable and of course so homely to us kids as we came calling. The aura around her no doubt is that of joy, surely no bad time. To us kids who engage her she gave an unforgettable treat. She sang an accompaniment with little Tolu on the piano, gave us a tour of her lush garden and although she never flaunted it, she has her walls full of awards and plaques for her immense contributions and excellence in different fields. A widely travelled and connected high flying woman whose contribution to the birth of the famous Muson along with the legendary Steve Rhodes of blessed memory remains a hallmark. And, of course, she is a close confidant of the Nobel laureate, Professor Wole soyinka and other world accomplished singers. A lover of antiques and doll collections, a poet and indeed a woman of many parts. Of course, engaging the woman who rose in ranks to become the first female permanent secretary in Nigeria and accomplished entertainer, we had no dull moment.

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